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We created the Referral System in order to give back to our beloved and amazing gaming community. With the System we want to help create a community that can help each other while learning. Your unique referral code can be given out to your friends that enjoy our service and you will earn when they make a purchase. Hopefully through this System you will be able to get more value from us than just improving your gaming abilities.

Every single person that creates an account in Ecoacher will receive a unique code that can be shared with other people. When they make a purchase and use your code, a percentage of that purchase gets attributed to your account. After you gather an amount you feel comfortable with, you will be able to withdraw it from your account and actually earn money from this System.
By using someone else’s code when making purchases, you will help them earn real money from the System.
You can earn real money when people make purchases with your special code. You will receive commission for each purchase made. After that you can withdraw your money at any time you wish.
You are always welcome to share your unique code with friends that want to make purchases or any followers that you have. You can share the code on your social media or wherever you deem fit.
There is no limit to the amounts you can earn. This system was created so that we can show our appreciation to the customers in a real way. You earn a percentage from each purchase made with your code. Your funds can be cashed out whenever you decide.
If you decide to change the code you are currently using, contact us through email and we will assist you.
Currently we cannot change your unique referral code. If we offer such a service in the future, we will inform all our customers.