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How we can help you improve in Overwatch


How we can help you improve in Overwatch





Today we have an article which is quite interesting as we will talk about improving at a game and how our coaches can assist you with this endeavor. Before we dive into that though, let us first introduce ourselves, who we are and how we can help your endeavor to become better at your favorite game. We at Ecoacher are a team that have been around the gaming world for quite some time. We have enjoyed many of the games we offer services for and understand the desire to get better at them. This is why we created this platform to make it easier for players to find the best suited coach for their needs. As with most other things in our life we always strive to get better. This is also valid for gaming as it is a skill as well that needs practice and knowledge for it to improve. Finding the dedication and time is not always possible and this is where help is needed at times. Our coaches are here for that as they have already invested large amounts of their time to get to the place they are currently. By sharing this game knowledge and experience with you, the results are much faster and at times better that learning everything yourself from scratch. This is what Ecoacher is here for!

We also thought about the community as a whole and how we can give back to it as it has been quite generous with us as gamers. We thoroughly enjoy being part of this amazingly hectic and passionate community which you might be familiar with. We thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that we can help others earn money as well. The Referral System was created for exactly this purpose. When creating an account with us you can select the Referral option and we will create a unique code that matches your account. Once you invite a friend to create an account from your special link, then they will start making money for you as soon as they make a purchase. A percentage of each coaching session they pay for will be given to your account and you will be able to take this money out whenever you decide. Also keep in mind that the percentage you receive will grow, the more your friends purchase with your link. We hope that with this introduction you have learned more about us and what we aim to do with this platform.





Overwatch is a unique game that has been around for quite some time. The developers at Blizzard created a really interesting title that has fans all over the world and also follow the numerous of eSpots teams that participate in competitions. The way it was designed is for it to be easy to get into but harder to master as it is after all a competitive game. There are quite a lot of things that have to be learned and practiced in order to get proficient at the game. At times that can be difficult as players tend to follow the current META trends and play heroes that do not match their style of play. This can often cause frustration and make people stop playing the game. This does not mean that experimentation is bad but it is very important to first build a solid base before building up and trying everything else.

After all the game is a hero shooter which means that abilities are key and also the weapons cannot be changed. This makes it a bit harder to get used to as for example you might enjoy a specific weapon but not the hero’s abilities. This can cause a lot of frustration when trying to improve and help is at times needed. Our coaches are all players that have vast experience with the game and have played all of the roles. Some of them have even been around from the beginning. They have gained a lot of game knowledge and experience which can be of tremendous assistance to any player that wants to learn.

The coaches will be able to help find what works the best for you. In order to get started and help others in your team you will have to find a hero and role that suits you the best. That can depends if you prefer healing, tanking or doing damage or all three at once. It all depends as most new heroes tend to combine at least two different roles. The coaches will be able to check out how you play and provide you with feedback on your action. The tips and tricks which they have gathered will help you with learning what to do and how to position yourself properly.

Positioning in Overwatch is tremendously important, especially if you are a healer as they tend to be focused on. With the help they can provide you, positioning and movement will no longer be a problem for you. It is always easier to learn something when you have an experienced and patient player that can explain it to you in great detail as well as show you. For us it is very important for the player to achieve natural growth with his abilities and improve to the desired level of play. Especially as in ranked games at higher tiers, all of the little skills that people tend to ignore while grinding make a huge difference. There communication and teamplay are incredibly important things that have to be learned and used properly as they win games. After all Overwatch is a team based game that heavily relies on the synergy of the chosen heroes in a team. There are quite a lot of different strategies accompanying this game and they are quite important. This is because if you know the strategy being used against you, then countering it will not be a problem. This is also an aspect where the coaches can assist by providing you with invaluable game knowledge.