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How to get better at Dota 2


How to get better at Dota 2



Today we will be talking about Dota 2 and how to get better at it as well as how we can help you to do that. Before we dive deeper into this, let us first introduce ourselves and who we are. Ecoacher is a platform which we are really passionate about and has been something we wanted to do for a long time. We have all been a part of the gaming world for quite some years and have also strived to constantly improve ourselves when we play our favorite games.

There is something we noticed though. At times it is difficult to progress and improve your skills by yourself. Help is always needed if you do not have the free time to dedicate to a game. Some games especially need quite some time to get the hang of them. This is why we decided to help the community by providing a platform where you can find people who have tremendous game knowledge and experience which they can share with you. All of the people that use Ecoacher to offer their coaching services have played their respective games for quite some time and have managed to gather quite a bit of insight about them.

This means that you will be able to ask them questions and expect a detailed explanation as well as various of tips and tricks which they have garnered through the years. Lastly before we continue talking about how to get better at Dota 2 let us mention our very important Referral System. We thought long and hard how to give back to the gaming community and the people that wish to use our services. At the end what came to us is the Referral System. With it you will be able to gain real money from each order your friends make. It will be a growing percentage of each order made when people have registered with your unique Referral Code.

Once they do that, every following purchase will give you a percentage which can be cashed out whenever you have gathered enough to satisfy you and also keep in mind that there is no restriction on how much money you can gather. We hope that this introduction was helpful for you to get an idea of who we are and what we offer. Now let us take a deeper dive into Dota 2 and how to improve at it.

Dota 2 is a game developed and published by Valve and is the continuation of DOTA which was at the beginning of the MOBA genre. Ever since this mode and the games surrounding it came out, Dota has shared their top spot with only one other game. It is a bit harder than most MOBA style games but in the end it is worth it. While it may be harder to master than most games like this, the satisfaction is definitely increased when you know that the win was definitely deserved and harder to get.



With Dota 2 prioritizing objectives is key if you want to get a win in the game. Always remember that you are fighting the ancient itself and the enemy heroes are just there to defend it. It is at times difficult to focus as kills are always fun to get and make you feel better when getting a nice score but the loss screen on the end makes it not worth just chasing a better score. At times it is better for you to have a negative score and win compared to having a positive and losing. Try to focus on taking an objective after every successful fight. Communication here is key as if you team decides to push together or claim an objective it is always faster and more efficient. This is tremendously important as you can lose a game which you were leading due to it being delayed and the enemy getting fed over time.

Understanding your role during fights and using it correctly is another aspect of the game which can change the end result. If you are a tanky hero which can take more damage, always try to be up front and to distract the enemy and suppress them. Initiators for example are players and heroes that tend to stay out of sight and ambush enemies whenever they least expect it. Always try to be out of sight when playing such a role. Overall in regards to roles, you should always try to use your hero as best you can and fulfill the role which you are tasked with.

The most important part of the game though is learning how to farm efficiently. This skill takes some time to master but it is definitely worth it as last hitting is key for gaining the gold required to do play your role efficiently. Learning rotations of farming and positioning will definitely help you in that aspect. The idea here is to learn how to farm quickly and efficiently. You can watch various players for example during streams and other media in order to learn how to farm like them and to see what they do. Our coaches can help you with this as they can show you what to do and also provide you with feedback on what you should improve. With this you will get a more personal feel and it will be quicker and easier to get the hang of it.

Map control and vision is another aspect of the game where some players face difficulties or tend to forget. In order for your team to make the correct decisions they will have to have the required information on where the enemy is. With wards, you will be able to predict their movement and ganks as well as ambush them if needed. Just like any MOBA game you should remember that vision wins games.

We hope that with these tips and tricks we were able to provide you with some insight on how to be better at Dota 2. Also always remember that if you need further and more personal assistance, our coaches are always here for you.