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How to get better at Apex Legends


How to get better at Apex Legends



Today we will be talking about Apex Legends and how to get better at it as well as how we can help you to do that. Before we dive deeper into this, let us first introduce ourselves and who we are. Ecoacher is a platform which we are really passionate about and has been something we wanted to do for a long time. We have all been a part of the gaming world for quite some years and have also strived to constantly improve ourselves when we play our favorite games.

There is something we noticed though. At times it is difficult to progress and improve your skills by yourself. Help is always needed if you do not have the free time to dedicate to a game. Some games especially need quite some time to get the hang of them. This is why we decided to help the community by providing a platform where you can find people who have tremendous game knowledge and experience which they can share with you. All of the people that use Ecoacher to offer their coaching services have played their respective games for quite some time and have managed to gather quite a bit of insight about them.

This means that you will be able to ask them questions and expect a detailed explanation and also various of tips and tricks which they have garnered through the years. Lastly before we continue talking about how to get better at Apex Legends let us mention our very important Referral System. We though long and hard how to give back to the gaming community and the people that wish to use our services. At the end what came to us is the Referral System. With it you will be able to gain real money from each order your friends make. It will be a growing percentage of each order made when people have registered with your unique Referral Code.

Once they do that, every following purchase will give you a percentage which can be cashed out whenever you have gathered enough to satisfy you and also keep in mind that there is no restriction on how much money you can gather. We hope that this introduction was helpful for you to get an idea of who we are and what we offer. Now let us take a deeper dive into Apex Legends and how to improve at it.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale type of game which is made from the developers of the Titanfall series which garnered some success and acclaims during its run. The shooting aspect has always been something really fun in those games and it carried over to Apex Legends as well. As most of you might already know with Battle Royale games it is necessary to always be on your toes and to expect the unexpected. Snipers are plenty in this game and really not hard to acquire. Open spaces should be avoided as much as possible and cover should always be near you if you do not wish to get taken down while running. Always remember to keep an eye out on the ledges and high ground as well because lots of sniper orientated players tend to stay on them.





Another thing you should make use of when playing is the doors. They might seem not that important but a lot of things can be done with them. Especially if you have decided to defend a building and players are attacking you from outside of it. The doors provide additional defense and if you have blocked them, players are unable to open them unless they are taken down which at times is not that easy. It takes a few kicks or a grenade but with this game a lot of noise can bring down other teams on you as well. The hunt is everything and if you make a lot of noise during a fight, you can expect someone to show up and attack you from behind which will leave you stranded between the two teams. Back to the doors though, they can also be used for cover when reviving a teammate. If they have crawled to the door and you start reviving them, the enemy will be unable to stop you unless they break down the door which will take valuable time from them.

Let us proceed with how important muscle memory is. This is the thing that differentiates new players and veterans in the game. The ability to naturally move your mouse to where the enemy is, in a moments notice. Another thing which this helps with is the shooting as all the guns have a different feel and you will need to get familiar with most of them. This muscle memory is vital for shooters as most of the time you have just a split-second reaction time before someone starts shooting at you. And always remember that it is better to shoot first in these situations. Setting your correct sensitivity for the mouse is tremendously important. Once you have managed to find the correct one for you, stick with it as by doing this you will improve the muscle memory when playing Apex. Tracking players and how they move is also quite essential for getting better. This can be practiced in the shooting range with some friends and also when in the range. Now that we mentioned the shooting range, there is something which you should always keep in mind. Don’t directly go and take all the legendary attachments for your weapons as most of the time you won’t have access to them. This is a bad idea to practice with them as your muscle memory forms around the feeling of the gun with legendary things on it. This is not advised as when you play in a normal game and don’t have those attachments the weapon will not feel right. Try to realistically improve your gun there.

We hope that with these tips and tricks we were able to provide you with some insight on how to be better at Apex Legends. Also always remember that if you need further and more personal assistance, our coaches are always here for you.