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The gaming world is developing at a lightning pace. New games are being released constantly and old games are being updated with better mechanics and expanded content. At times players face difficulties getting the hang of a specific game and need assistance in order to improve. That is why we are here!

The process of getting assistance from one of our very skilled coaches was made so that you can get the most out of the experience. Our goal is to help you improve your gameplay and have fun in the process. Always feel free to browse our Games section in order to see what we currently have to offer. For every game we have filters that can be used to help you find the perfect coach for your needs. When you select your coach you will be able to set up the coaching session at a convenient time.

Referral system

The Referral System is something we are especially proud of. This is a way for us to show you directly how much we care about our customers. For us you are something especially important and we want to deliver a service that can help you in more ways than just providing coaching. After careful consideration we decided that the best way to do that is to give back to you, the customer.

In order to do that the Referral System was implemented. When you make an account in eCoacher, you will be given a unique Referral Code which you can send to other people interested in our service. Whenever somebody decides to make a purchase, they will be offered the option to input your Referral Code. Once they do that the amount they purchase will automatically start counting towards your Referral Level, which can be raised. Once you hit a certain amount, you will earn a percentage from every following purchase made with your code. Once you reach the minimum of 5$ you will be able to withdraw your earnings. There is no limit to how much you can earn once you reach the minimum requirement. If you want to learn more about the Referral System please click HERE.

At eCoacher we are enabling users to filter and find the best suited coach to their needs. We have various teachers that can assist you with the role or position you want to learn. The first step when making an order is to go to our Games selection and choose the one you are interested in. Then you can use our filters to find the coach you'd like to learn from. All coaches have profiles with information about them, their playstyle, coaching methods, language and availability.  

Once you find your desired coach, the next step is to make an account on our Website. Having an account enables you to directly speak with the coach after ordering. Afterwards just select the number of hours you need or choose one of our promo packs. If you have a friend’s referral code, feel free to input that as well when making the purchase so that a percentage of it goes to them.  

After everything goes through successfully, you will be able to schedule your lessons with the coach of your choice. They will always try to accommodate you and be there for you whenever you are free to play. If you are unavailable at the originally decided time, there is no need to worry as you will not lose out on your purchase. You will be able to set it up again at a later convenient date.

We would also like to explain how the client ranking system in eCoacher works. It is very important for us to show you how much we care for clients that show continued interest in our service. This is why we have implemented special personalized Discounts and other goodies which you can earn simply by spending in eCoacher when logged into your account or when people use your referral code. The ranks are:

  • Bronze Client – You will receive a 5% discount for each order after you have spent at least 100$ on eCoacher.
  • Silver Client – You will receive a 7% discount for each order after you have spent at least 250$ on eCoacher.
  • Gold Client – You will receive a 10% discount for each order after you have spent at least 500$ on eCoacher.
  • Platinum Client – You will receive a 13% discount for each order after you have spent at least 750$ on eCoacher.
  • Diamond Client – You will receive a 17% discount for each order after you have spent at least 1250$ on eCoacher.
  • VIP Client – You will receive a 20% discount for each order after you have spent at least 2000$ on eCoacher.

We at eCoacher want to offer you the possibility to choose various types of Coaches for your desired game title. We understand and appreciate that not everyone is the same and people have different preferences. This is why we are offering a variety of coaches depending on the role, position, language or price which interest you!  

We require coaches to be able to not only play the game but also teach you how to play. We understand that not every player can teach and that is why we carefully screen our coaching candidates and approve only the best teachers. This is a really important requirement for us as we want you to have fun while learning new skills. They will be able to explain various game mechanics, teach you interesting tactics and little known game secrets. Deep game knowledge is something that we require all coaches to have so that they are able to answer any questions which might occur. We also select coaches based on their punctuality and availability. Punctuality is always important as everyone has a busy life and they will be on time for the scheduled hour.  

Once you start a coaching session with your coach, they will be able to see how you play and what you do correctly or where you should improve. Seeing you play is something incredibly valuable and once they get a feel for your style they will be able to guide you to improve.